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I like the animation & the use of typography, and of course some parts of the message. But I’m not religious and not intend with this post to make a statement on something about religion or believes about churchs, jesus, etc.

I agree completely that in this time of the year, all the people spend to much and it’s like a chain reaction someone spends on you, you have to spend on them, or at least, that’s what people think should be. I think sometimes the gifts, doesn’t have to be valued in money and doesn’t have to be expensive. This time of the year you gift because you care, love, etc., somebody. Not just to show how much you can spend. Personally, I like gifts, but this time of the year is like you have to give “just because” is this time of the year. I prefer to give because I want to, not because I have to.

Thanks to @zarias

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