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Since Natchwey launched his new project online (XDR-TB.org), the media world wide and a lot of people has comment about it. I was reading in TEDBlog a post about a Q&A session held with TB experts and activists.

A member of the audience asked: “We’re talking about XDR-TB, but what about regular TB? What are we doing to cure that?”

And Dr. Marcos Espinal of the Stop TB Project gave a direct answer:

“Cure poverty. Tuberculosis is a disease of the poor.”

Poverty. One of the biggest and saddest problems we have all around the globe. And so many people cares about. And I think, Dr. Espinal is right. If we cure poverty, or at least, fight against it. Not only TB will eradicate, many diseases too.

Via: TEDBlog.

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  1. NEED Magazine
    May 12, 2009

    If you love James Natchwey as much as I do, check out his video interview with CEO of NEED Magazine.


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