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I was watching CreativeMornings Video: Armin Vit of Under Consideration talking about branding, one of the examples he use was Christopher Doyle Identity Guidelines 2008. So I Google it and was amazed.

Sydney-based designer Christopher Doyle exposed himself as a brand on his “Identity Guidelines 2008” in a very hilarious and well crafted way. May be he has done lots of identity projects lately. I think it’s amazing how he documented his personal identity if it were considered a brand in graphic design terms.

And as I see it. This is a great example of how to make identity guidelines for every brand, no matter the size of it in the market. Good branding will make a good brand, become a great brand.

“My name is Christopher Doyle. These are my Identity Guidelines.
As is the case with all identities, care must be taken with my
appearance and tone to ensure my core values and visual integrity
are maintained.
This is a guide to how I should look, feel and sound as a person;
a guide that should serve as an aid for myself and for those around
me in ensuring my identity remains clear, consistent and correct.
It should be noted that these guidelines are intended as just that,
a guide. While all elements of my identity system have been
designed to ensure consistency, allowances for variation have also
been made. If followed, these guidelines will help my identity to
evolve and feel fresh at every touchpoint.”

In other hand Armin Vit talk was great, giving great examples of branding. But most of all, let us know about the importance of the reality of a product and his branding. If you got a great product and an amazing branding it will be a great combo, people buy it, likes it, and buy it again. But, if reality is that the brand is higher than the real product, people will get to buy one, and never get another. And may be there are lots of better products that you never get to know, taste or use because of their poor branding. That’s reality.

Almost forget, I downloaded the Guidelines here. (PDF)


  1. Bryony
    March 26, 2009

    Glad you watched, and liked it. We had a great time with SwissMiss, just before everyone left for SXSW.

  2. ppuga
    March 26, 2009

    Bryony, glad you get to read my blog. Hope to be there NYC some time soon to say hello. Saludos


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